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The Sound Engineering team!

We are still working hard on the song's production and other surprises... And we are soooo excited about how it sounds, even if it's not finished yet.

We want to introduce you the sound engineering members of the ITTC, who are putting all their efforts into the song to make it unbelievable!

First of all, the BOSS ;)

And not less important, all his helpers!

Josué Pascual - Sound Engineer @josuepfl

Karol Green - Audio editing @karolgreengaia

Andreas Johansson - Audio editing

Esther Navarro - Audio editing @capitana_fantastica

Joan Llobera - Audio editing @jlloberaq

Jonathan Herrero - Audio editing @elkujo

Tomàs Maxé - Audio editing @tomasmaxeiranzo

It's a great honour to have these wonderful professionals participating in this collaborative project and share their talent with the world.

Soon more news... Stay tuned!

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