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In This Together Choir ♥️

We cannot be more proud of the welcome that the project has had. We want to thank all of you who have made this possible and put your effort to send this important message in these difficult days.

This video is the result of a teamwork that has gathered singers from all over the world, 388 voices from 21 countries and 5 continents. In the midst of a global pandemic due to COVID-19, we wanted to share a message of unity and hope by singing the song In This Together. The enthusiasm and joy of so many people who have participated reaffirms the strength of music as a universal language that unites us. We can all bring beauty with our own voice, with our words, with a gesture. We believe that this global health crisis is pushing us, now more than ever, to work together for a more just and caring society, respectful of the planet.

We urgently need a change and it is in the decisions we make every day. We must spread this message so that our precious planet can breathe again. Together we have more strength than ever, let's show everyone that the union becomes love.

In This Together Choir is a non-profit project, with any economic component, which has been possible thanks to the voluntary effort of many people. Thank you! Many thanks to you all!



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