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We would like to introduce you to...

The musicians that will be accompanying your beautiful voices! It is an honour to have such talented artists record on the song!

Aleix Tobias - Percussion

Percussionist and director of the Coetus Iberic Orquestra. His drums and percussion have played on many well-known projects and his intense studying and musical sensitivity have led to work as a music producer.

Ana Carla Maza - Cello

Born in Cuba into a family of musicians, Ana Carla Maza took her first steps on the Havanese stages from the age of ten. In Paris in 2012, she studied at professional Conservatory and Sorbonne University between performances across the world in a solo career.

Dani Campos - Piano

Pianist, composer and music producer, Dani Campos has been involved in numerous musical projects involving musical theatre, accompanying countless pop artists in concerts and TV shows, to recording his own personal folk project, Llúmia.

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