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A tool for choir members and singers

Vocal Tab is a tool designed by Karol to help choir members or singers while rehearsing. It hopes to simplify music for those who do not have a lot of musical training and to give them more confidence by having at hand an instrument of sort to always find their note.


It simplifies music by organizing with numbers all songs from their tonal centre as in all the movable do methods. This way, the change of key does not affect the singer. The melody will only be higher or lower, and the colour chart next to the numbers help to show the real height of the notes.


On the Vocal Tab, all you have to do is select the key the song is in.

Then there are two settings: one for the lower voices bass, baritone and tenor.

The other setting is for alto, mezzo and soprano.

There is a last setting for if the song is in a major or minor key.

colours spectrum notes [Auto-saved]_edit

The key of the song is noted on the lyrics page and melody numbers are written above the lyrics.

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