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After doing a lot of work these last weeks, we are so happy to share with you very exciting news! 

We have almost everything prepared, so we can finally announce the LIVE PREMIERE date of the song! You will be able to hear it accompanied by a beautiful video for the first time on Saturday 2nd of May at 7 pm (UTC +2) on Karol Green Youtube Channel.

After the premiere, the video will remain there, so if you cannot attend, don't worry!

Here's a list of the timings in other parts of the world which have participated so that you can set the correct alarm and we all synchronize:

Mexico City: 12 pm

Montréal, Caracas: 1 pm

Buenos Aires, Hamilton (Bermuda): 2 pm

Dakar: 5 pm

Barcelona, Stockholm, Warsaw: 7 pm

Moscow: 8 pm

New Delhi: 10:30 pm

Hong Kong: 1 am (3rd os May)

Sidney: 3 am (3rd os May)

Here you can see a small Teaser of the video that will go with the final audio, and on social media, you can follow the countdown for the premiere with us! 

It will be an honour to share the final result with all of you, and to feel that energy again, connected online altogether!

Keep safe!

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