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The organization and communication team

We want to introduce you the core members of the ITTC Team who are putting all their hearts into this project to make it happen!

Karol Green - Creator and Organizer @karolgreengaia

Alba Cánovas - Media and Communication @albalabla

Mireia Valentí - Graphic design and Media @mirwis

Raül Maigí - Journalist and Media @raulmaigi

Patricia Martín - Media and Communication @patricia.martin.

Josué Pascual - Sound Technician

We have also had dear help from

Françoise Greenacre - Video Editor @frankieanddusty

Salvador Gallego - Sound Technician

Xavier Balaguer - Translations

The ITTC Musicians

It's a great honour to have these wonderful professional musicians participating in this collaborative project and share their talent with the world to guide the people in recording their own parts.

Paula Domínguez - Soprano @pauladominguezthesinger

Gemma Abrié - Alto @gemmaabrie

Jonathan Herrero - Tenor @elkujo

Tomàs Maxé - Bass @tomasmaxeiranzo

Dani Campos - Piano @danicampos_music

Joan- Pau Chaves - Arrangement and sheet music @joanpauchaves

Arnau Figueres - Sound Engineer @arnaufigueres_

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